About Us - Radical Beginnings


… a simple phrase uttered years ago has become so much more; from t-shirts to wristbands, concerts, charity involvement, up to and including an business bearing the same name. It's founder, Maurice Hicks, was simply looking for a way to express himself boldly for God through clothing. Attending college and seeing other students use their “wear” to say so many other things, Hicks decided, since he couldn’t find what he was looking for, he'd make it himself. This particular phrase was coined because Maurice often used it to emphasize how knowing Jesus had impacted his life, and how worthless that life would be without Him in it.

He began the business with no expectation. He simply wanted a cool t-shirt… one with a powerful, yet simple, message that would create opportunities to speak out for God. But after the first shirts were printed and distributed, the resulting testimonials were astounding. Realizing its impact, especially on college campuses, Hicks knew that Without Jesus I Suck(WJIS) might just be bigger than he could have ever imagined.

The creation of the company’s website in 2009 has been the main reason for the success they’ve experienced. It offers people all over the world a chance to purchase the products, join the movement and share the message with others. Paired with The Success of Hicks' 3 billboard charting single, Stellar nominations and millions of hits on YouTube, the Uncle Reece brand reaches over 5 million people monthly. WJIS consistently continues to shatter goals every month.

Hicks says that the greatest moment for them came just this year with the creation of the “Without Jesus I Suck” awareness wristband. Subsequent profits have and continue to allow WJIS to provide financial support to various charitable causes. Maurice Hicks has declared that the success of the company, the platform God has allowed him to have, will be used to inspire others to dare to dream.

Without Jesus I Suck, is moving forward with great momentum working on plans to expand their clothing line. WJIS is looking forward to providing better service to God, first, as well as its customers, communities and the world.

“Without Jesus I Suck”

Believe it… wear it… live it… share it!